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BizSAFE Accredited

Scientifically Proven

We are different from your ordinary home cleaners.

There is something that differs us from other cleaning companies. Our cleaning executives go through strict trainings in order to better understand the correlation between the cleanliness of houses and the respective homeowners. Bacteria-breeding spots are all hidden - not under your bed, but on the surface of your wall. The crew is also sponsored and trained by WorkForceSG.

Our customers recommendation ratio is at 3:1; every three different houses we clean, one home owner will recommend our services to his/her family and friends. You might be one!


What are the services included in the packages?

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Cleaning Materials

3 Room Flat

Limited Time Promotion!

Save your time & energy for something more productive - go for a run - get welcomed back to a shiny & germ-free house!


$299 now

Cleaning Products

4 Room Flat

Limited Time Promotion!

Allergic to chemicals? We have allergen-free / vegan-friendly solutions too! No extra charges. No extra fees. Engage us and witness the magic yourself!


$399 now

Washing Window

5 Room Flat

Limited Time Promotion!

What's better than fresh, clean, dust-free air in less than 3 - 4 and a half hours? We are here - for you - always.


$499 now

All the areas - let us talk about the areas that will not be covered - Storerooms. Usually for our cleaning services, clients will temporary put their household items in the storeroom for us to clean effectively and efficiently. However for move in/out cleaning, the storeroom will be cleaned from bottom-down.

All your cleaning executives can speak proficient English but please be understanding as for some of them, English is not their native language. If you require your cleaning executives to speak a specific language to efficiently communicate, please let us know in advance.

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Bookings Reservation. No. Deposits.

30 Houses Cleaned - We clean an Oldfolks Home. Promise.


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