Home Cleaning

World Class Home Cleaning; at your doorstep

BulkSG Environment was founded with the primary purpose of keeping residential houses in perfect shape.


Our concept of clean no longer includes a well-vacuumed floor or empty wastebaskets.

Cleaning is more than just squeaky-clean surfaces and pleasant-smelling aromas. Our cleaning services also include germ killing and removal from your office.

We guarantee a world-class cleaning service for your house.

Our Services Include:

  • General / Frequent Cleaning;

  • Post-Renovation / HIP Cleaning

  • Outdoor Cleaning;

  • Periodic Cleaning (Carpet Cleaning, High Dusting);

  • High Pressure washing

  • More..

Our Experience

In order to distinguish ourselves from the competitors in the business, we lay a special emphasis on our company's service quality and after-sales service. We never stop learning in order to better serve our clients. And as a result of this mentality throughout the firm, we are able to create strong and harmonious connections with a large number of clients.

Our Difference

  • We provide free touch-up cleaning within 24 hours after receiving notification if the customer is unsatisfied with the cleaning performed by us. This was done to ensure high-quality outcomes.

  • Our WSQ-certified full-time employees are trained in all aspects of safety, cleaning material storage, and equipment handling.

  • Our team has a shining reputation for being safe, professional and reliable. We are trusted by 1, 000+ parents.

  • Our team has a shining reputation for being safe, professional and reliable. ​We offer up to SGD 10, 000 insurance to you during our cleaning sessions.